Project update

The 31 days of January project is going well. I am really enjoying it.  I have taken the creative liberty of not being amazing at taking photos every day.  The photos are mediocre at best, but some I have really enjoyed taking.  The process of taking photos every day is challenging, but it is absolutely wonderful.

The photos I have taken, I love them, I love the process, I love that I have to think about taking a photo every day from the moment I wake up to the moment when I go to bed.  I see my life through my lens and I’m absolutely loving it.


The Best of…

I just made an album of all my favorite photos from the past 4 years (not including this year). My friend Heather gave me a discount coupon for shutterfly yesterday when I was driving back from the weekend away at camp. This coupon expires tomorrow. I got home last night at 830, worked on it for 2 hours, and now I just finished it, 2 hours since coming home from work! My dinner was eaten and my water bottle was drunk as I edited the pages and photos for this little book! I did the majority of it last night, and fine tuned it today. I’m actually kind of proud of it! I’ve never had something like this, to display my photos, besides the albums from years ago and the albums on facebook, but nothing as specific as this!