2013: Winter Months: #4 NYC!

Before the holiday season rolled in, I was able to go spend some time in NYC. I went with my good friend Steph and some of my camp friends on two separate occasions. These are the photos that resulted!

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2013: Summer So Far #3

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

Summer so far! Update #3! I am so behind on these… nothing new…

JULY 5th: Jewelry Party with Jess and Heather. JULY 6th: Water Park with Amanda, JULY 12th through 15th: Virginia with Steph to see my brother and Sarah.

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Summer 2012 Memories

I’ve been thinking about making videos for over 6 years. For the past two year I’ve been actually making videos, cutting together clips, putting things to music, and making memories permanent. Usually I stick with photos, but I’m trying to do both, and it’s wonderful. I’m really proud of what I’ve made so far, and I can’t wait to make more videos, make them better, and learn more as I go along.

Here’s my summer 2012 video I made a couple weeks ago. I’m really happy how it turned out!