2014: January Vacation

Since I never got a vacation over the holidays, I decided to take a week off from work in January.  I was actually supposed to go to Hawaii to meet with my bestie Lara who is living in Australia at the moment, but she couldn’t go.  But I kept my vacation and instead went snowboarding with Heather and went to Cleveland with Elizabeth to see Kate.  It was a nice short break from work. (And I ended up having the worst week ever when I returned to work, but whatever.) Vacations are great, there were memories made, and time spent with the best people in the world.

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2013: Winter Months: #1 My birthday weekend!

This year I turned 25 years old.  This is good age, this is going to be a good year, or at least that is what I tell myself every day! I feel like I have already passed my quarter life crisis, and I am in a job that is in my career path. Yes, I hate my job at times, but I am able to progress in life from this point!

So I had a good birthday weekend! I went out to the dinner with my parents and some of my closest friends, and then to the movie afterwards with some cake.  Heather was able to sleep over and we talked late into the night. That night I also decided to “call out sick” and go to NYC the next day with my mom! I played hooky, and we spent the day wandering around the city, ice skating in bryant park, visiting the Winter Village, the NY Public Library, and Max Brenner for lunch. It was cold, but it was perfect! The next day I had got kidnapped for a pedicure with my friend Audrey, and then we went to Hillsong NJ for church.  It was a wonderful weekend that had all my favorite people involved!

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

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My new camera has a panorama button, I had it on my other camera has well, but never used that setting. So I attempted to make some great photos with this new camera. Here are some of my favorites! Most of them are from my trip to Ocean City, and the last one is from labor day weekend at camp with my mom.

2013: Summer So Far #5: Ocean City Edition

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

Went to Ocean City, NJ, for a little family vacation the second to last weekend in August. We have been going as a family for around 4 years I believe. It has been my aunt and uncles family vacation spot for many years, and my mom and I decided to tag along one year, and we haven’t been able to stop. We have then taken our grandparents as well, and my father, brother, and sister-in-law if they are free as well over the years. It is a fun weekend filled with sitting on the beach, walking the boardwalk, and just sitting around and talking. I am so blessed to be able to spend an entire weekend with my extended family year after year.

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Summer 2012 Memories

I’ve been thinking about making videos for over 6 years. For the past two year I’ve been actually making videos, cutting together clips, putting things to music, and making memories permanent. Usually I stick with photos, but I’m trying to do both, and it’s wonderful. I’m really proud of what I’ve made so far, and I can’t wait to make more videos, make them better, and learn more as I go along.

Here’s my summer 2012 video I made a couple weeks ago. I’m really happy how it turned out!