Paddington Reservoir Gardens

9th September 2015

While waiting for lunch with the boy, I was able to enjoy the peace and quiet in the Paddington Reservoir Gardens.

Situated in the middle of Paddington, next too the main road, town hall, and cute little shops and eateries, these gardens appear right below you.

The gardens are a story below walking level, allowing the sounds of the roads to diminish and the sounds of fountains, birds, and people chatting take over.

This little hidden gem offers a quiet little garden area, with old stone archways, seating areas, and bright sunshine or shade.

The old stone archways and exotic looking plants (to my American eyes) create a stillness feeling like you went back in time.

Would recommend a visit!


Sydney Living: I moved

I moved to Sydney… 6 weeks ago!

Life here is new, different, strange, exotic, and even more emotions and feelings I can’t even describe right now.

Life moves on. I grow and change and adapt to my surroundings each day as I find myself… living… here now.

Currently I am managing casual work as a registered nurse, living close to my boyfriend, and figuring out what to do with all the other times during the day. I’m trying to stay occupied, finally able to do the things I haven’t been able to do all year (it is a long process to move internationally).

I finally caught up with all of my photos, especially the big one, my trip to Japan last May. Finally finished editing that monster of a project.

I am getting back into reading, my “books read this year” has been a small percentage of previous years, due to the process of moving internationally.

And now I am attempting to pick up my blog! It has been so long since I have been able to write, and even think about writing. So here I am, typing away again! Hopefully I’ll get some posts out pretty regularly, I have some already in mind, and photos are ready to be posted here as well.

Life is good, it is exciting, and I am ready for trying this again!

Beach visit on my first day in Australia!

2013: Winter Months: #4 NYC!

Before the holiday season rolled in, I was able to go spend some time in NYC. I went with my good friend Steph and some of my camp friends on two separate occasions. These are the photos that resulted!

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New Daily Photo Project

I’ve attempted daily photo projects before. And I’ve kinda made it. (I did it February a couple years ago, it was a short month, not the best photos produced). So I’m going to attempt to do 31 photos, daily photos in January!

My goal is to enjoy it, journal daily, and see what happens. If I like it, can’t get enough of it, I’ll continue it next month… and the month after that that! We’ll see how it goes.

I’m documenting my project on flikr and a tumblr!

Come join my journey!