2014: January Vacation

Since I never got a vacation over the holidays, I decided to take a week off from work in January.  I was actually supposed to go to Hawaii to meet with my bestie Lara who is living in Australia at the moment, but she couldn’t go.  But I kept my vacation and instead went snowboarding with Heather and went to Cleveland with Elizabeth to see Kate.  It was a nice short break from work. (And I ended up having the worst week ever when I returned to work, but whatever.) Vacations are great, there were memories made, and time spent with the best people in the world.

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171 Feet Running

I’m really really happy with this video! I’ve been working on my video abilities, and using photos primarily.

Over the years I have taken hundreds of photos of my feet, this is just a small amount of them. But this around 170 different feet in different places I have been since 2006 which I find so amazing!