The other night some of my friends and I had some fun with sparklers. I made this little video of our fun.


171 Feet Running

I’m really really happy with this video! I’ve been working on my video abilities, and using photos primarily.

Over the years I have taken hundreds of photos of my feet, this is just a small amount of them. But this around 170 different feet in different places I have been since 2006 which I find so amazing!

Summer 2012 Memories

I’ve been thinking about making videos for over 6 years. For the past two year I’ve been actually making videos, cutting together clips, putting things to music, and making memories permanent. Usually I stick with photos, but I’m trying to do both, and it’s wonderful. I’m really proud of what I’ve made so far, and I can’t wait to make more videos, make them better, and learn more as I go along.

Here’s my summer 2012 video I made a couple weeks ago. I’m really happy how it turned out!