Thoughts about: Road Trips

I love road trips. I love the car feeling underneath my feet. I love the speed, the crossing of borders, and the visiting of friends.

Every year I take road trips, ever since I could drive I have traveled to visit friends at college, at their homes, wherever my friends were, I went to them.

There is no greater joy that taking the time to spend the time to visit friends. Whether I am going alone, or with someone, I love that time spent in the car, singing my heart out, or talking for hours with someone I love.  There is something magical about taking a road trip. There is something about the memories made on the road together that I hate to give up.

I get to go someplace new this coming week, I get to take a trip to someone who I have not visited yet, and that is the most exciting thing in the world!


2013: November: Nanowrimo!

This year was my third year in a row winning Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month.  For these past three years I have dedicated the month of November to literary abandon. I am incredibly proud of the stories I have written each year, especially since the month of November is usually not an easy month to stop everything and just write.  The first year I was in my second year of BSN school, taking 17 or 18 credits in school, living in a dorm. But I did it with plenty of time to spare! In 2012, the month started with a power outage.  So I could not start my novel until a week of the month had already past.  That year I also traveling 8 hours south to visit my brother in Virginia, causing precious hours to pass by with no writing.  But I was able to write and finish along with working 35ish hours a week!

This year, this year I think was the hardest.  Every year I think it is the hardest year, but the next year always surpasses it! This year I am working at an incredible stressful and fast pasted job, 40 or more hours a week and my weekends.  I had to come home every day, drink coffee, and force myself to write! It was had, but I am happy with the results, and what I have accomplished this month!

So my stats: back to back, it is such an accomplishment to see how many words I have written!

Thoughts about: TV shows of 2013

I love TV. I love watching shows week after week, or marathoning with friends. This year seems like a pretty good year for shows!

I’ll be watching all the same that I watched last year, minus The Office, cause it’s over! So sad! But looking forward to some new shows in the mean time! Here’s my current list!

New Girl: I love Zooey Deschanal. End of story. I will watch this show no matter what.

How I Met Your Mother: I’ve been watching this show since the beginning, all the way back in 2006. I think it’s on it’s last season? Or second to last? Anyway, we finally have plot development, marriages, and we finally actually met the mother!

Castle: I love this show. I usually can’t watch that many crime dramas anymore, but this one has the right amount of comedy, romance, and not too much blood and guts! I love Nathan Fillion as well.

Elementary: I picked this up because I love Sherlock, and I wanted to see how the US did a modern rendition of Sherlock Holmes. So far so good, it’s been really enjoyable even with Lucy Liu as Watson!

The Mindy Project: I started watching this show because it’s by the same writers as the Office, and because it’s Mindy Kaling, obviously. I also really like medical shows, ever since I used to watch House. I love these 20 minute long comedies, this one has great wit and humor.

Agents of Shield: This is a new one I’m looking forward to starting! I watched the first episode and was not disappointed! The writing and comedy is great, and I can’t wait to see where these characters take it and the development on this world!

Doctor Who: I’m looking forward to this starting up with the 50th anniversary special! There will be a party, with friends, and doctor who themed food, and it is going to be epic.

Community: There are rumors that there will be a season 5, I’m not sure, I hope there is, because this show is so fantastic. I watched the first 2 season in a couple day, then caught up with season 3 as it came out. A few weeks later I marathoned the entire series with my brothers over a weekend. It was a fantastic weekend.

White Collar: I know this isn’t coming back till next year, but I love this show so much.

Sherlock: Same with Sherlock, no idea when this is coming back, but I can’t wait!!

Graceland: I started watching this summer series as it was coming out. I kinda lost interest now that all the other shows are on, but it had decent story line and character development. I might pick this one up eventually! Maybe if it gets on netflix…

I love the fall, for everything pumpkin, that I can wear layers and sweaters and leggings , and all the tv shows I’ve been missing all summer long so I have something to relax to when I come home from work! (That was an epic run on sentence!)

Thoughts about: Parents

I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with people about their parents. Actually, they are usually one sided, I’m just listening to their thoughts about their parents, because I do not think my words would be of any help in the situation. That is why I am writing them here, because no one reads this, and maybe by the time said people ever read this, they may have changed. Or not, who knows.

Anyway. Parents. These people that you live with for 18ish or so years of your life, the people who raise you, have words of wisdom, or have particular sets of habits, and who love you very much in their own peculiar way.

Now I am saying these things because when you grow up, move out, and then return home or continue regularly talking to your parents, you realize how much you have changed, and how much your parents either irritate you or have no changed.  You have changed very much, and no longer see yourself as a “kid” or someone who fits into your parents view of things.

I think this is called “trying to be a rebellious child, even though you are an adult” to your parents. It would be so much easier if you stop being that rebellious self centered child you once were.  Even though you are all grown up, living on your own, married, and in a successful career, whenever you talk to your parents, see them for an extended about of time, you revert back to your childish ways. It is true.

My words of wisdom: Just get over it already. Your parents are not going to change, they have been this way longer than you have been alive. You can try to change them, you can try to win arguments, but they will forever be your parents, and you will always be their kid. So, my words might be falling on dull ears right now, but just try a little bit. Try to see if from their perspective,  try to imagine yourself in 20-30 years when you have children doing the same things to you that you did to your parents.

Those are my few words, that maybe someday I will have to read over and try to understand myself a little bit better. But right now, I’m just being passive aggressive in my own little way.

Thoughts about: Money

I think I’m going to do a serious, my thoughts about things, it will probably be a one post series, but maybe not. Half the time I don’t say my thoughts, I just think them over and over again, never sharing them. I think I need to start sharing them a bit more, and writing them down is the only way I feel like I can express them sometimes.

My thoughts about money start with my parents. They have ingrained in me their wisdom and experience on the issue.  My earliest memory of money was my brothers savings accounts that were full of coins and small bills in an old folgers jar in the kitchen shelves.  Every time they made any money, from chores or something, I would watch them put money in their spending jar or their savings jar.

My parents also have spoken greatly of their experience with debt, their aversion of it, and how hard they try to avoid it for themselves and their children.  All the cars they have recently purchased, which are all 3 of them within the past 5-10 years, 1 which was new, 2 that were used, they had the money and paid with cash or the equivalent.

This amazes me because it is so unheard of for most people.

The things my parents have done to save money, the sacrifices they had made, while also trying to give their children the best growing up experience has been amazing to see. We are so incredibly blessed.

I find myself looking back a lot and seeing the blessings and experiences in my life, that cost money, but were also worth it. I’m not sure how they were made possible, but they were.

This makes me want to save my money, as I work, earn my own living, to try to continue experiencing those things without having to worry about the money. It amazing me to see people in tons of dept, trying so hard to live within their means, and then exceeding it because they have debt. It makes me so extremely grateful to be free of debt, but still living below my means and saving the majority of my money.

One of the biggest money spending machines I think is the smart phone. My friends and coworkers keep trying to get my to buy one, saying “you have a job now, you need to get one.” I find myself wishing I did have one, but then thinking that I do not want to pay for it, and it is an unnecessary part of life. I am a materialistic girl, I like stuff, I like shopping, I like my trinkets and memory items, but I also do not like a lot of clutter, and I do not like spending money without thought.

So that’s my money story. I’m saving, trying not to spend, trying to live simply, without a smart phone, with out cable, without starbucks or dunkin coffee every week, not buying every book I want to read. But also not skimping out on experiences, but giving freely and extravagantly to my friends. And of course feeling free to take random weekends off of work to visit friends in other states. 🙂