What is the “real world”?

Sometimes I just wonder about my life, and this summer that is coming to a close. My life this week has been insane, wonderful and insane. Each week since I got a job and since returning from two weeks away at camp have been filled with working more than I have ever worked before and socializing like crazy. This is the socializing that is normal for summer that I rarely get to participate in. And now I do, while I am working.

This week has been:

Monday: work 12 to 8pm
Tuesday: work 8-3, movie and dinner with Debbie!
Wednesday: work 12 to 8pm
Thursday: errands and then party with school friends, including a sleepover
Friday: NYC all day long with steph, including lots of walking, food, and a movie
Saturday: work 8-2, wait for two friends who I have not seen in 5 weeks, for a spontaneous sleepover
Sunday: hang out with them all day
Monday: back to work! Rinse and repeat.

This is a pretty normal week… socializing will decrease and school starts up again. However, I am considering getting a second job or volunteering someplace of future employment.

Is this normal for a new grad? Craziness drenched in craziness?