2013: November: Nanowrimo!

This year was my third year in a row winning Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month.  For these past three years I have dedicated the month of November to literary abandon. I am incredibly proud of the stories I have written each year, especially since the month of November is usually not an easy month to stop everything and just write.  The first year I was in my second year of BSN school, taking 17 or 18 credits in school, living in a dorm. But I did it with plenty of time to spare! In 2012, the month started with a power outage.  So I could not start my novel until a week of the month had already past.  That year I also traveling 8 hours south to visit my brother in Virginia, causing precious hours to pass by with no writing.  But I was able to write and finish along with working 35ish hours a week!

This year, this year I think was the hardest.  Every year I think it is the hardest year, but the next year always surpasses it! This year I am working at an incredible stressful and fast pasted job, 40 or more hours a week and my weekends.  I had to come home every day, drink coffee, and force myself to write! It was had, but I am happy with the results, and what I have accomplished this month!

So my stats: back to back, it is such an accomplishment to see how many words I have written!


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