Thoughts about: TV shows of 2013

I love TV. I love watching shows week after week, or marathoning with friends. This year seems like a pretty good year for shows!

I’ll be watching all the same that I watched last year, minus The Office, cause it’s over! So sad! But looking forward to some new shows in the mean time! Here’s my current list!

New Girl: I love Zooey Deschanal. End of story. I will watch this show no matter what.

How I Met Your Mother: I’ve been watching this show since the beginning, all the way back in 2006. I think it’s on it’s last season? Or second to last? Anyway, we finally have plot development, marriages, and we finally actually met the mother!

Castle: I love this show. I usually can’t watch that many crime dramas anymore, but this one has the right amount of comedy, romance, and not too much blood and guts! I love Nathan Fillion as well.

Elementary: I picked this up because I love Sherlock, and I wanted to see how the US did a modern rendition of Sherlock Holmes. So far so good, it’s been really enjoyable even with Lucy Liu as Watson!

The Mindy Project: I started watching this show because it’s by the same writers as the Office, and because it’s Mindy Kaling, obviously. I also really like medical shows, ever since I used to watch House. I love these 20 minute long comedies, this one has great wit and humor.

Agents of Shield: This is a new one I’m looking forward to starting! I watched the first episode and was not disappointed! The writing and comedy is great, and I can’t wait to see where these characters take it and the development on this world!

Doctor Who: I’m looking forward to this starting up with the 50th anniversary special! There will be a party, with friends, and doctor who themed food, and it is going to be epic.

Community: There are rumors that there will be a season 5, I’m not sure, I hope there is, because this show is so fantastic. I watched the first 2 season in a couple day, then caught up with season 3 as it came out. A few weeks later I marathoned the entire series with my brothers over a weekend. It was a fantastic weekend.

White Collar: I know this isn’t coming back till next year, but I love this show so much.

Sherlock: Same with Sherlock, no idea when this is coming back, but I can’t wait!!

Graceland: I started watching this summer series as it was coming out. I kinda lost interest now that all the other shows are on, but it had decent story line and character development. I might pick this one up eventually! Maybe if it gets on netflix…

I love the fall, for everything pumpkin, that I can wear layers and sweaters and leggings , and all the tv shows I’ve been missing all summer long so I have something to relax to when I come home from work! (That was an epic run on sentence!)


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