Lazy cooking: Avocado Smoothie

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

Avocado, Banana, Kiwi smoothie!
Half an avocado
Half a banana
1 kiwi
Strawberry kefir 1/2 cup to 1 cup (to taste)
Splash of orange juice (to taste)

For this recipe that makes about 2 cups of smoothie, I just throw everything into a measuring cup. Cut up half your avocado, banana, and your one kiwi into the measuring cup. Then I just pour my kefir until it reaches the 1 and 3/4 to 2 cup mark, and then I topped it off with a splash of orange juice, usually less than 1/4 cup (you don’t want it to be too citrus flavored).
Then I used an immersion blender, or you could use any other type of blender, to blend it all up!
This recipe is super easy, which is why it’s such a great breakfast meal to make at 6 in the morning before work!

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

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