2013: Summer So Far #5: Ocean City Edition

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

Went to Ocean City, NJ, for a little family vacation the second to last weekend in August. We have been going as a family for around 4 years I believe. It has been my aunt and uncles family vacation spot for many years, and my mom and I decided to tag along one year, and we haven’t been able to stop. We have then taken our grandparents as well, and my father, brother, and sister-in-law if they are free as well over the years. It is a fun weekend filled with sitting on the beach, walking the boardwalk, and just sitting around and talking. I am so blessed to be able to spend an entire weekend with my extended family year after year.

I started the weekend by driving 3+ hours by myself after finishing an entire work day! Reststop pizza for dinner of course.

Just night we spent walking the boardwalk, then heading back for icecream and sitting outside our hotel rooms.

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

The next morning we got up late, ate at this cute little cafe two steps from our hotel room, then headed for the beach.

Three generations of feet.

Delicious breakfast!

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

Mom and Omi

Jimmy digging his own lounge chair.

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

We went for a swim, it was so cold, we didn’t spend much time in the water this year. Sometimes it is so calm you can just sit in it, this time you were fighting to stand up!

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

Mostly we just sat on the beach, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

After the beach, we headed back to the hotel and I went for a swim. I love my new waterproof camera!

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

The weekend we choice always has someones birthday, this year it was my cousin Jimmy’s, and also my grandma’s, so we celebrate by going to a nice seafood place every year.

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

I had shark and seafood lasagna. Shark is not my favorite, it’s alright.

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

Every year we also go to this great little French crepe place. They have the most amazing crepes and coffee. This year we got almost everyone to get up early and go with us before we had to head home!

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

After crepes I did some shopping with my grandma, she needed a new purse, and I got sweatpants and a sweatshirt. We had lunch at the little cafe before I had to head home. They had another night there. The weekend is so short now that have a full time job!

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

My gorgeous family!


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