Summer Recipe: Apple pie cookies

This recipe was found on the lovely pinterest. And it was one that I thought was so cute, so simple, yet amazing, and I just had to try instantly. So I repinned it, and went shopping. Originally found here!

I loved this recipe I made it twice. I had half a can of apple pie filling left over, so I bought another box of pie crusts and made them again! They also didn’t last a week… so… Here’s the recipe!

I love macro photos of food


1 Box of frozen Pie Crust (2 sheets per box), I used Pillsbury
approx. 1 Can of Apple Pie Filling (just enough for a thin layer)
2 tbsp. Cinnamon/Sugar
1 tbsp. Nutmeg
Flour, so the pie crust doesn’t stick to your work surface
A round cookie cutter, I used a wine glass since I didn’t have any cookie cutters
Baking sheet covered in parchment/baking paper


  1. Lay out a sheet of Pie Crust, sprinkle it with some flour and slightly roll it out, just to increase its surface area.
  2. Cut out your circles, I made about 12 with one sheet of pie crust
  3. Coarsely chop the Apple Pie Filling into small pieces…
  4. Lay out the apple pie filling on your circular pieces of pie crust.
  5. Roll out the second sheet of Pie Crust the same size as the first sheet, and slice it into strips
  6. Create a lattice crust  for the top of the pie filling. Create your lattice on top of the actual filling, as if it were a pie!
  7. Brush the tops of your cookies with either egg wash or left over apple pie filling
  8. Sprinkle the tops with cinnamon sugar and nutmeg.
  9. Place them onto a baking sheet and bake them at 350 degrees for approx. 20-25 minutes, until they’re golden and firm.   Let them cool just a little.

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