2013: Summer So Far, #2

Summer catch up post number 2 is here!

Events included in this post are: memorial day cooking on the grill/smoker with Steph; visiting with the college roomies at Allison’s lake; eating sushi, watching the Bling Ring and fro yo with Steph; and then seeing an outdoor play, All’s Well that Ends Well, with Steph!

Basically I see Steph a lot, she’s the best! She’s always up for an adventure, and has gotten used to me snapping her picture whenever possible.

MAY 26th: Meat with Steph, MAY 29th, Allison’s lake, JUNE 27th: Sushi, JULY 3rd: Outdoor theater

I seriously love close up pictures of food.

The water was freezing, yet we swam to the dock, and tried to touch the fishies.

Pizza on the beach is pretty much the best thing, besides burgers on the beach.

Someone is super excited about sushi!It is pretty gorgeous.

After seeing the Bling Ring, it was raining so hard. We went to get frozen yogurt, and just sat outside, watching the rain hit the ground for a bit. 

At the outdoor theater, was sat and ate an entire bag of kettle corn and had some beers. I yet again, fail at finishing one. Seriously, my stomach has shrunk since starting work, I don’t eat ever.

Pulpit rock Pulpit rock

The set for All’s Well that Ends Well was really gorgeous, they had a circular stage that revolved depending on the scene, and I totally called it. Can I be considered a theater junkie yet? I’ve seen every single show for the past 2 years at the Shakespeare Theater of NJ!

After the show we wanted icecream, but friendly’s was closed, so we headed to the diner that did not care about presentation at all, food was still wonderful though! We had friend mac and cheese wedges, and spin dip cause spin dip must always happen. I seriously want to learn how to make these friend mac and cheese wedges, they were so good, deep fried goodness.

mac cheese

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