2013 Summer So Far, #1

Summer started off with me having a new job, I’ve been employed there for 2 months, and have been working on my own for almost 3! I only work 3 days a week, so I’ve been keeping myself busy with enjoying the summer as much as I can!

This post just includes photos of what I’ve done with my mum so far this summer. We went to the Museum of Natural History, on a very rainy day, the Jersey shore, on a very cloudy day, and I still got sunburned, and also to my grandparents house to visit and pick blueberries!

JUNE 7th: Museum of Natural History, JUNE 28th: PA, JUNE 30: Ocean Grove

Such a rainy day in the city! View from the Museum of Natural History.

My mom is the best!

And then we went to the beach!

Basically, this is my appreciation post to my mother!

Beach feet

It was so ridiculously foggy, visibility was so low for swimming. But I still got sunburned of course!

I love beach houses, and the bed and breakfasts situated on such narrow pieces of land, where sand always finds its way inside.

And then we went to my grandparents place in PA!

Raspberry bushes are growing and blooming!

So excited for the delicious blueberry muffins and blueberry pie that I made with these handpicked berries the next day!

Omi in the bushes

Love this house, so many memories in it’s walls.

Mother and my Uncle Jim!


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