Thoughts about: Parents

I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with people about their parents. Actually, they are usually one sided, I’m just listening to their thoughts about their parents, because I do not think my words would be of any help in the situation. That is why I am writing them here, because no one reads this, and maybe by the time said people ever read this, they may have changed. Or not, who knows.

Anyway. Parents. These people that you live with for 18ish or so years of your life, the people who raise you, have words of wisdom, or have particular sets of habits, and who love you very much in their own peculiar way.

Now I am saying these things because when you grow up, move out, and then return home or continue regularly talking to your parents, you realize how much you have changed, and how much your parents either irritate you or have no changed.  You have changed very much, and no longer see yourself as a “kid” or someone who fits into your parents view of things.

I think this is called “trying to be a rebellious child, even though you are an adult” to your parents. It would be so much easier if you stop being that rebellious self centered child you once were.  Even though you are all grown up, living on your own, married, and in a successful career, whenever you talk to your parents, see them for an extended about of time, you revert back to your childish ways. It is true.

My words of wisdom: Just get over it already. Your parents are not going to change, they have been this way longer than you have been alive. You can try to change them, you can try to win arguments, but they will forever be your parents, and you will always be their kid. So, my words might be falling on dull ears right now, but just try a little bit. Try to see if from their perspective,  try to imagine yourself in 20-30 years when you have children doing the same things to you that you did to your parents.

Those are my few words, that maybe someday I will have to read over and try to understand myself a little bit better. But right now, I’m just being passive aggressive in my own little way.


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