Thoughts about: Money

I think I’m going to do a serious, my thoughts about things, it will probably be a one post series, but maybe not. Half the time I don’t say my thoughts, I just think them over and over again, never sharing them. I think I need to start sharing them a bit more, and writing them down is the only way I feel like I can express them sometimes.

My thoughts about money start with my parents. They have ingrained in me their wisdom and experience on the issue.  My earliest memory of money was my brothers savings accounts that were full of coins and small bills in an old folgers jar in the kitchen shelves.  Every time they made any money, from chores or something, I would watch them put money in their spending jar or their savings jar.

My parents also have spoken greatly of their experience with debt, their aversion of it, and how hard they try to avoid it for themselves and their children.  All the cars they have recently purchased, which are all 3 of them within the past 5-10 years, 1 which was new, 2 that were used, they had the money and paid with cash or the equivalent.

This amazes me because it is so unheard of for most people.

The things my parents have done to save money, the sacrifices they had made, while also trying to give their children the best growing up experience has been amazing to see. We are so incredibly blessed.

I find myself looking back a lot and seeing the blessings and experiences in my life, that cost money, but were also worth it. I’m not sure how they were made possible, but they were.

This makes me want to save my money, as I work, earn my own living, to try to continue experiencing those things without having to worry about the money. It amazing me to see people in tons of dept, trying so hard to live within their means, and then exceeding it because they have debt. It makes me so extremely grateful to be free of debt, but still living below my means and saving the majority of my money.

One of the biggest money spending machines I think is the smart phone. My friends and coworkers keep trying to get my to buy one, saying “you have a job now, you need to get one.” I find myself wishing I did have one, but then thinking that I do not want to pay for it, and it is an unnecessary part of life. I am a materialistic girl, I like stuff, I like shopping, I like my trinkets and memory items, but I also do not like a lot of clutter, and I do not like spending money without thought.

So that’s my money story. I’m saving, trying not to spend, trying to live simply, without a smart phone, with out cable, without starbucks or dunkin coffee every week, not buying every book I want to read. But also not skimping out on experiences, but giving freely and extravagantly to my friends. And of course feeling free to take random weekends off of work to visit friends in other states. 🙂


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