The grosses thing

Disclaimer, this post may be extremely gross. But I need to save it, in case I experience something much worse, which I probably will in the future.

The grosses thing I had seen in a long time, in my line of profession, was a sebaceous cyst being popped. It was a long one on the back of the patient’s neck, the size of a small fist.

I had no idea what it was, or how it was treated, until my doctor came out, looking for a thin blade, asking me if i wanted to see him drain it. Of course I said yes, not knowing what I was about to see.

It was like a small volcano of pus like material.  It was like the largest pimple being popped, over and over again, erupting blood and pus that smelled like something terribly rotten and horrible all at the same time.

Shortly after I watched the cyst going from raised, to slightly raised, to only a small bump, the smell was too much, I had seen the largest amount of exploding pus to fill my mind with for years, I left the small exam room, hoping that my nausea would pass very soon, as I dove into another area of work, and tried to forget the experience.


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